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Educational speaker Mark Anthony Garrett grew up in the tough inner-city of Dayton, Ohio as a foster child and was then later adopted. Throughout his childhood, he faced many hardships such as poverty, neglect, homelessness, abandonment, and abuse, both physical and sexual. At 14, he lost his adopted mother to cancer, dropped out of school, joined a gang, became addicted to drugs, and was in and out of juvenile jail.

Mark Anthony Garrett is one of the most compelling motivational and self-development speakers of our time. He has inspired audiences throughout the world with his electrifying high-energy speeches, seminars, training, and life-coaching sessions. A successful businessman and leader, Mark is an international radio talk show host, educational consultant, and author of Teachers Are Heroes.



Mark has appeared on various radio shows and within numerous publications. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates, along with his induction into the 2015 issue of Forbes magazine as a celebrity expert for his dedicated work with empowering teachers. Mark was a featured guest on the Brian Tracy Show and is a leading columnist for Fostering Families Today magazine.

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Although his surroundings were negative, Mark was encouraged by his third-grade teacher, Ms. Ritchie to NEVER GIVE UP on life and to always strive for Excellence! At the tender age of eight, she said three words that would propel Mark into whom we see today. She said, 'You are significant'. He knew he had to take destiny into his own hands. After receiving guidance from influential mentors, he enrolled in college,e and majored in wildlife biology, and went on to become a two-time U.S. Achievement Academy Award Winner, recipient of the National Collegiate Minority Leadership Award, and received the highest honors given by his college, which were the President’s and Trustee’s awards. Mark also returned to college and earned a degree in entrepreneurship.

With all of the adversity he faced in life, this experience inspired him to dedicate his life to helping troubled youth and adults overcome the negative challenges within their own lives and discover that they have greatness within them. He is extremely passionate about helping raise the mental consciousness of people all across the nation and abroad.

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