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Teachers Are Heroes

7 Success Principles for Transformational Teaching

Teachers Are Heroes: 7 Success Principles for Transformational Teaching is a magnificent message that reminds us of just how powerful and significant teachers are in this world. These heroes sacrifice and dedicate themselves day in and day out to ensure that every child is successful in the classroom and in life. Teachers are indeed the foundation for great learning. The 7 Success Principles within this book will help inspire them to teach with passion and remind them of how truly important they are in the lives of the students they serve. It’s time to remind the world of just how important these heroes are to our society.

This book will help teachers to:

✔ Teach with a high sense of purpose

✔ Have a conviction that every child is worth saving

✔ Rekindle your unique passion for teaching

✔ Make integrity a guiding principle

✔ Embrace adversity through courage

✔ Unleash the hero within

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